Assignment 3 | Sociology homework help

Cyntoia Brown-Long, a criminal justice reform advocate who was released from prison last year following the commutation of her life sentence for killing a man, is the subject of Netflix’s latest true crime documentary, Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story.

Watch the above-mentioned documentary on Netflix’s and write your initial response to the documentary. 

Please include the following:

  • How will the information that was presented in this documentary inform your practice with At-Risk Minority females? (Comp 4.3)
  • Articulate what new information that you have learned from viewing this documentary. (Comp 1.2)
  • Articulate how the reviewed documentary applies to social work and explain the importance of diversity in practice while working with At-Risk Minority Females. (Comp 2.1)


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Please read the above article and answer the following questions:

 Students are to critique the above article Risk Factors for Adverse Life Outcomes in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effects. Apply Critical thinking to engage in the analysis of quantitative (numbered based and statistical tested for analysis) and qualitative (focus groups, interviews, and reviews of documents) research methods and research finding in your practice area.  Competency 4: b, c

-Explain which method qualitative or quantitative methods were used in the article and how it relates to their practicum setting and the documentary that you watched on Monday.

-Apply critical thinking from the article to engage in the analysis of quantitative and/or qualitative research methods and discuss your findings.

-Provide your evaluation of the article findings and make suggestion for improvement of practice, policy, and service delivery    


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After reading the above article articulate how you would apply Competency 6 when working with Cyntoia Brown?

Competency 6- Engage with individuals, Families, Groups, Organizations and Communities 

-Apply knowledge of human behavior and the social environment, person-in-environment, and other multidisciplinary theoretical frameworks to engage with clients and constituencies; and 

-Which interview skill mentioned in the above article do you believe would have assisted in the interview with Cyntoia Brown briefly explain.

-Do you agree with the diagnosis given to Cyntoia Brown? Please explain your response.      


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Students will review and choose 3 visual assessment tools that could be uses when working with Cyntoia Brown. In a brief summary please explain your choices.                    

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