Assignment | Ecology homework help

This assignment is for History of Ecology & Environment course.


The phrase “Relevant course resources” refers to the assigned book, articles, videos, lecture notes, and ICAs; citing them as footnotes or in-text parenthetical citations is fine (in other words, you need not include a separate bibliography for course resources). You need not consult any other sources beyond what is specified below, but if you do want to incorporate external sources, you must cite them fully.

The assignment is: 

300-400 words:

Question: Choose one of the following recent Yale Environment 360 articles, and drawing upon 2-3 relevant course resources, discuss how it links to historical events we have addressed and what you consider to be the most interesting points/issues/questions it raises, especially in relation to major themes of the course.

● John M. DeCicco, “After Years of Green Promises, Automakers Renege on Emissions Standards,” Yale E360, June 7, 2018,

● Jessica Leber, “Species Sleuths: Amateur Naturalists Spark a New Wave of Discovery,” Yale E360, March 12, 2019,

● Jim Robins, “Native Knowledge: What Ecologists are Learning from Indigenous People,” Yale E360, April 26, 2018,

● Todd Stern, “How to Shift Public Attitudes and Win the Global Climate Battle,” Yale E360, Oct. 25, 2018,

● Chloe Williams, “From Canadian Coal Mines, Toxic Pollution that Knows No Borders,” Yale E360, April 1, 2019,


1. I uploaded 9 chapters from our book “Nature’s Ghosts by Mark V. Barrow, JR” and articles we have addressed in this course.

2. Try to be SPECIFIC, because the instructor is really struct with this. 

3. Citations are very important. Cite everything you use for this paper to avoid plagiarism.

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