Health care managers and ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia policies and strategies dealing with employees anxiety and stress in hospitals.


I would like to have a literature review and that would be the first draft of the literature chapter in the thesis, the references could be from 2000. I will upload the draft that I send to my supervisor and his comments on it, and also the proposal. In addition, I will upload a reference list that you could use.
the feedback and comments ( 1. Have a new first section which outlines the theories/models of the impact of the psychosocial working environment on stress and of the effects that stress then has on health/physiological outcomes, e.g. the demand-control model -> HPA axes
2. Then move on to review the literature on the relationship between working conditions, stress and health for healthcare workers. We recommend that you structure this in sections based on the health/well-being outcomes that the studies have looked at, e.g. CVD, Self rated health, mental health, life satisfaction/quality of life, sickness absence, etc. Each of these should have a sub-heading to help structure the chapter and aid the flow for the reader.


3. The third main section of this chapter will focus on the managerial strategies to combat work environment related poor health. What you already have is very good – but again needs to be structured. We would recommend structuring this by the types of strategies, i.e. what part of the work environment -> stress -> health model that aim to improve. For example you could group the literature that reviews the impact of strategies to improve control over work time, e.g. flexible working, breaks, 4-day week, then in the next subsection you could review the literature on strategies that aim to address control over work tasks, e.g. job crafting, etc. Again use headings for these sub-sections to improve readability and flow.


4. The final part of the chapter is the ‘so what’ section – you need to identify the relevant evidence gaps in the existing literature (e.g. that most of them will have been carried out in Europe and North America) and how you PhD will address these gaps.

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