Objective:  While on a mission to Perú with your youth group, you are asked by one of your hosts, who teaches high school, to come and speak to some of her classes. She would like her students to know what a typical day is like for the average American high school student.  She wants to know the following:

• when you wake up;

• how you get ready for school;

• how and when you get to school;

• what courses you take;

• when and what meals you eat;

• activities after school;

• when you return home and what you do there;

• your nightly routine;

• when you normally go to bed.

To incorporate the vocabulary and grammar you have learned so far in your Spanish courses, you will need to create a presentation. You can write an essay, make a video or an audio recording.

1. Requirements:

Part A: Tell about the information listed above in each of the bullet points.

Part B: Pick one of the following styles of presentation:

· Written Essay

· Video

· Vocaroo audio recording

If you write an essay, it must be 1-2 paragraphs, 10-15 sentences total.  Be sure to use at least 3 of the 4 verb structures you have learned so far—reflexive verbs, present progressive verbs, present tense or preterite tense verbs.

If you do a video (think a selfie or Instagram) or Vocaroo, keep it around 1-1.5 minutes. Anything above 2 minutes will be returned to you.  It should have a total of 10-15 statements.

Be sure to use at least 3 of the 4 verb structures you have learned so far—reflexive verbs, present progressive verbs, present tense or preterite tense verbs.  You can just read your sentences (but practice first!) You could record yourself with Vocaroo and copy & paste the recording link into the portal page also.

Remember the following:

* You MUST use vocabulary from the course and text to show me that you learned and mastered the material from Spanish 2 Part 1.  Make sure you address all the points the teacher suggests you cover that are listed above.

* Watch your grammar and verb forms in your sentences.

* Each sentence must have at least a subject and verb. Remember to properly conjugate your verb and that subjects and verbs must agree, as well as nouns, adjectives and articles.

* Finally, it must be completely done in complete sentences in Spanish. Accent marks, tildes, and any upside down question marks or exclamation points also count towards your score.

I am assessing you & your skill level, not the skill level of a translator/dictionary. Use the KISS method: Keep It Simple, Sweetie!

When you are ready to submit, upload/attach your presentation/video (click Add a File below) or place your URL link in the comment box and click to submit.


la maleta
el taxi
el/la taxista
la maletera, el baúl
un viaje
la maleta
el aeropuerto
el avión
el/la agente
el mostrador
la línea aérea
el boleto, el billete
el distribuidor
la tarjeta de embarque
el pasaporte
el nombre
el/la pasajero(a)
el número del vuelo
la hora de salida
la hora de embarque
el número del asiento
la forma de identidad
la puerta de salida
facturar el equipaje
pasar por el control
de seguridad
hacer cola
embarcar, abordar
el/la asistente(a)
de vuelo
el asiento
el pasillo
la ventanilla
el compartimiento
la máscara de oxígeno
el cinturón
de seguridad
la señal de no fumar
el servicio
un retraso, una demora
el despegue
el aterrizaje
la pista
a bordo
a tiempo
con destino a
procedente de
hay que
a veces
de vez en cuando
dentro de poco
debajo de
¡Con permiso!


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