Table of contents

6. The atom is made up of three small particles, complete the chart below:

Parts of the atom Location Particle size Electric charge

7. Complete the following chart, use your periodic table to help you.

Symbol Element name Atomic number Atomic mass # of protons # of neutrons # of electrons Solid, liquid or gas
  1. Draw a Bohr-Rutherford diagram for the following 3 elements:



  1. Vinegar is a compound. The chemical formula for vinegar is H3C2O2H
Type of elements present Number of atoms of each element
  1. Complete the following chart on metals and non-metals:
Property Metal Non-metal
Malleability and ductility
Colour and State


  1. Groups on the periodic table:
  1. where are the noble gases found on the periodic table:
  2. where are the alkali metals found on the periodic table:
  3. where are the halogens found on the periodic table:
  4. give and example of an alkaline earth metal
  5. describe the reactivity of the following groups of elements:

i) noble gases (reactive or non-reactive) ? why:

ii) alkali metals (reactive or non-reactive) ? why:

iii) halogens (reactive or non-reactive) ? why:

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