The Humanistic, Existential or Spiritual


To connect a scenario to humanistic, existential or spirituality perspectives.


Refer to this week’s readings (the Grande novel, Payne, and Jurkowski & Kurlanska) and respond to the following:

  • Identify the factors that you observed in Juana’s or Adelina’s narratives that you can connect to the humanistic, existential or spirituality perspectives discussed in your readings.
  • Justify your assertions by citing information from your readings and offer specific examples from the novel to illustrate your position.
  • Include how this information relates to social work practice with Hispanic and Latino clients.


Payne, M. (2014). Modern Social Work Theory (4th ed.). Lyceum. (PDF ATTACHED)

  • Chapter(s) 4, 6 & 10


Grande, R. (2007). Across a Hundred Mountains: A Novel. Washington Square Press.

  • pp. 201-255
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