Discussion: The Writing Process

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english question and need guidance to help me learn.

Step 1: Watch the following videos
Watch the following three videos covering the aspects of the Writing Process. As you watch, pay attention to each step and think about how long a process like this might take. Is it something we can do in one day? Consider taking some notes or watching more than once if needed.

Step 2:
What has your experience been with the Writing Process in the past? What have you struggled with in prior writing assignments? What have you excelled with? After watching these videos how might you change your process or create a new one in the future?
How you feel about using the Writing Process? Are you ready to try it? Why, or why not? Is there a way we can help you be more prepared or confident in the process? How can we add a more positive spin on writing for our class?
Do you have experience with what is shared in the second video about Neurodivergent brains being wired differently when it comes to the writing process?
Could you identify with what Urban says in his TED Talk? How often do you procrastinate? Why do you think you do it? Why can’t you break the habit? Do you find it useful to your process?
What were your biggest takeaways or AHA moments from these videos? Share a favorite line or two with us.

you have to answer all the question for the step 2

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