Native Americans call for rethink of Bring Strait Theory

Learning Goal: I’m working on a history writing question and need an explanation to help me learn.

1. According to this week’s materials, what are the controversies surrounding the Bering Strait Theory? In contrast, what are the current scientific perspectives on the Bering Strait Theory? Why are all perspectives important to consider?

2. Compare/contrast the authors’ arguments in the “Native Americans Call for Rethink of Bering Strait Theory” article and the “Other Migration Theories” article. What was each author’s overall argument? What types of evidence did each author use to support their argument?

3. According to this week’s materials, what is the significance of creation stories? How does the topic of creation stories connect to our materials on the Bering Strait Theory?

4. How do this week’s materials serve as an example of our key term “historical thinking”? What other key term from Module 2 can this week’s materials connect to?

5. How do this week’s materials relate to the “Danger of a Single Story? Feel free to also share any overall thoughts/reactions/reflections to conclude here

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