Debate Essay

Debate Essay Requirements

1.    APA format
2.    It must be Typed; Times Roman ONLY 12 font
3.    Upload Blackboard Drop box
4.    Must have APA Title page
5.    See the two samples essays posted as a guide to help you (Their title page is incorrect)
6.    Essay should have the following:

A.APA Title Page (see (Need running header)
B. Introduction paragraph introducing the subject with thesis statement
C. Body should have strong factual research & your personal opinion and what you thought about the defense and prosecution arguments. It’s a critical reflection with SOURCES and YOUR personal thoughts.
D. Body/Conclusion can also be laid out as follows:
a.    Opening paragraph as the Introduction with thesis
b.    1st paragraph about what the defense said with your personal opinion with source (s) evidence
c.    2nd paragraph about what the prosecution argued with your personal opinion with sources (s) evidence
d.    3rd paragraph is YOUR final opinion with a strong source (s) evidence
e.    Fourth paragraph the conclusion
f.    Work cited page

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