If-else statement and loop | Computer Science homework help

4 parts of the assignment:

Part 1: Check out the lecture notes and read chapter 6 of the text book before attempting these problems (see attachment)

1) Write a program that prompts the user for a number, tests to see whether that number is even or odd and prints out “Number is Even” if it is even, or “Number is Odd” if it is odd.

Hint: An even number is one that is dividable by 2 and has no remainder! Look up the % operator.

Part 2: 2) Write a program that stores your name in a variable. Then ask the user to guess your name. If heshe guesses right, display the message “Well done, good guess work!”, otherwise display the message “Try again next time!” and just exit the program at that point (we’ll see how to loop, i.e. keep on asking the user for names till heshe gets the right one, next week!).

Part 3: Modify the question above so that you keep on asking the user for names till heshe gets it right! So heshe has to guess your name right BEFORE you exit the program. Use a while loop.

Part 4:Write a program that asks the user for 5 numbers, using a for loop and one input function call inside that for loop. Sum the numbers as you are getting them from the user, then display the sum and average to the user at the end.

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