management development/performance evaluation meeting

As General Manager to conduct a management development/performance evaluation meeting with your Newly hired Operations Manager. (In Restaurant or Hotel)

Create a Presentation Powerpoint Slides (minimum 5 mins) coaching/providing guidance, highlighting the following 5 key topics.

1. Encourage the new manager to become more of a transformational leader, and discuss 3 ways to do so.

2. The new manager lacks the ability to hold staff accountable, shares 3 techniques to increase staff accountability.

3. The new manager needs to improve communication skills, recommend 3 specific ways to become a better communicator.

4. The new manager is still learning how to become organized, share 3 tips to help this manager with obtaining better organizational skills.

5. Lastly, be more relatable and share one of your stories on how you overcame a challenge in the past (what happened, what did you do, and what did you learn).

Does not need to be 10 pages, but at least 5 pages (at least one page for each topic) as the body part. Write entire speech lyrics as Note in the Powerpoint.

The attached file may help.

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