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Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn.



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5 pages

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7 sources

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1-Discussion: Crisis Centers.

2- Essay: Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Report.

In regard to the number of sources, I only chose a number. The professor did not specify the number of sources needed to support this work

Assignment: Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Report


Visit the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violent Survey Report (Links to an

external site.) (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (Links to an external site.)to

access this report). Choose any one of the topics related to violence in the contents

and write 800-1000 words report including the following:

1. Provide a summary/background of the survey

2. Write a summary of the violent act, the population it impacts, and how this affects

the victim

3. Identify and describe any methods and/or strategies used to prevent and treat

victims of the crisis

4. Summarize findings of the topic chosen, national comparisons and limitations

5. Summarize implications for prevention and recommendations

This formal report must:

 Abstract, introduction, conclusion, reference. APA format.

 have a thesis statement (statement of purpose/intent), must

indicate the topics to be covered.


Turnitin, an integrated plagiarism tool, will be used to screen all writing

assignment submissions for this course. After you have reviewed the

instructions and the rubric, complete your submission using the Turnitin Tool


Discussion: Crisis Centers

Provide APA formatted reference information at the bottom of your post. The

initial post will be a minimum of 350 words and a minimum of 3 paragraphs.


Class: Do some research and find three local (Miami or Florida) crisis

centers or agencies that serve victims of personal violence, i.e. shelter for

battered women, department of families and child services, substance abuse

centers, such as Gateway or River Region; that are different from the ones

posted by your classmates. For each one, answer the following:

 What is the stated mission, vision, and/ or purpose of the center o

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