Censorship and Creativity


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One of the main themes we have discussed in the past three weeks is the idea that censorship is not purely a repressive practice but that it also had productive—and even creative—elements to it. Taking into account the many different practices, ideas, and values described in the texts we have read, how has the phenomenon of cultural regulation actually made culture more interesting? Looking back from our vantage point today, whether it is on the Old Regime in France or on the BBC in the 1920s, have attempts to control access to information and media ever succeeded in the long run?


Write an essay discussing these issues. Your paper should be between 900 and 1,100 words long. Include the word count in the text, as well as your name and the date. Use a standard font and double spacing. You can decide which citation style to use. While you should engage with the texts you have read for this class, make sure to develop your own ideas on these issues. Try to think of examples we have not discussed in class. Maximize analysis and interpretation and minimize summary. If you have questions about any part of this assignment, contact me.

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