CMOS VLSI Design Lab virtuoso cadence

Learning Goal: I’m working on a computer science report and need support to help me learn.

Objective You will model and simulate some basic building blocks with Virtuoso and verify their functionality.

Details For all of the following problems, assume a capacitive load of 0.1pF.

1.(5 pts.) NMOS Transistor Demonstrate that nMOS transistor is a good conductor of 0’s and poor conductor of 1’s.

2.(5 pts.) PMOS Transistor Demonstrate that pMOS transistor is a good conductor of 1’s and poor conductor of 0’s.

  • (10 pts.) Transmission Gate Model a transmission gate and demonstrate its functionality.
  • (10 pts.) 2-input Multiplexer Using the above transmission gate, build a 2-input multiplexer and verify its functionality.

Deliverables (must be uploaded to Canvas course webpage by the deadline)

  • Lab report using the template provided. PDF only.
  • A compressed zip file (.tar.gz file) containing all your schematic diagrams as well as the simulated output. On Linux you can create a compressed archive of a folder as follows:

prompt% tar czvf <folder>.tar.gz <folder>

For example, executing the following command will compress the inv folder.

prompt% tar czvf inv.tar.gz inv


1.Format your code well (just like you do in your C programs).

2.Do not discard your files. We will use them in later assignments.

3.A Word template will be provided which should be used for your report.

  • Include all schematic diagrams, simulation waveforms. For simulation results, zoom in/out appropriately so that we can clearly see the input stimuli and the output response.
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