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This  week we discuss computer forensics.  Computer forensics is the  discovery process necessary to gather data from an electronic device.   Encryption has become so strong that it is virtually impossible for law  enforcement to decrypt data.  Law enforcement seeks methods to decrypt  data that has been encrypted.  It is much easier to acquire the password  from the user or some other source than it is to try to guess a  password.  iOS and Android both have features which will “brick” a phone  should too many attempts to guess the password occur.  The question is  why isn’t biometrics a safe method to encrypt data in the face of law  enforcement efforts to acquire that password.  Also, if you use a  password that must be typed in, can law enforcement force you to enter  the password so that they can read the data on a computing device?

Answer  the question with a short paragraph, between 150 and 250 words.   Brevity is a virtue.  That is why you are limited to 250 words.  If you  can’t present your hypothesis in 250 words or less then it is too  complicated.   Remember that when you state a fact if you don’t provide a  reference, it is not a fact but rather an opinion.

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