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 In this essay, you will pick a healthcare topic of your choice and cite a contemporary example to clarify. Apply ONE of the ethical principles learned so far to analyze this topic of your choice. Explain and support your arguments by applying the ethical principle (use the claims learned in class –they are attached to this question). You must apply the ethical theory in order to obtain points. Do not apply more than one theory. You need a minimum of five paragraphs. Cite all your sources of information at the end of your essay.  ( virtue ethics, kant,  Utilitarian Claims.)

Recommended topics:

  1. Is virtue ethics the best model for persons who work in healthcare professions?
  2. Why is deontology still important in contemporary healthcare practice? How can you use the categorical imperative to make decisions in today’s healthcare practice?
  3. How does utilitarianism affect healthcare decision-making?
  4. How does Rawls’s theory connect to the changes in the current healthcare system? How would Nozick argue against Rawls’s theory in this context?
  5. Why should clinicians have a thorough understanding of the 4 principles of ethics?
  6. Given the changes that are occurring with technology, and other aspects of health care, why will respect for autonomy be more challenging in our future?
  7. Justice in health care is more than doing what is fair. What aspects of justice are particularly challenging in healthcare environments?
  8. How can you use the reflective equilibrium model to make practical decisions on ethical issues in your practice of health care?
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