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1.     Briefly explain the differences between seek time and search time. In your opinion, why do some people confuse the two?

2.     Minimizing the variance of system response time is an important goal, but it does not always prevent an occasional user from suffering indefinite postponement. If you were the system designer, what mechanism would you recommend for a disk scheduling policy to counteract this problem and still provide reasonable response time to the user population as a whole? What argument would you use with the system management to allow your changes?

3.     Explain in your own words the relationship between buffering and spooling. Suggest reasons why some people confuse the two.

4.     Give an example of an environment or application that best matches the characteristics of each of the following RAID levels:

a.     Level 0

b.     Level 1

c.      Level 3

d.     Level 5

e.     Level 6


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