The quarterly returns for a group of 69 mutual funds with a mean of

1) The quarterly returns for a group of 69 mutual funds with a mean of 2.3% and a standard deviation of 5.9% can be modeled by a normal model. Based on the model N(0.023, 0.059), what are the cut off values for the:

A)  Highest 40% of these funds?

B)   Lowest 30%?


C)   Middle 60% ?

D)  Highest 70%


2) A certain tennis player makes a successful first serve 75% of the time. Assume that each serve is independent of the others. If she serves 5 times,

A) All serves in?

B) Exactly 4 serves in?

C) At least 3 Serves in?

3) Two standardized tests, test A & test B, use very different scales. Assume that in one year the distribution of scores on test A can be modeled by N(700, 75) and scores on test B can be modeled by N(27, 5). If an applicant to a university has taken test A and scored 910 and another student has taken test B and scored 33, compare these students score using Z-values. Which one has a higher relative score?

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