To write an analytical essay using four primary documents. The essay should be a critical analysis of the documents, not a summary of the documents’ content.

The documents you need to analyze are:
1: “Alcaldes de las villas del norte, 1783,”
2: “The Marqués de Rubí Recommends the Extermination of the Apaches, 1768,”
3: “Charles McKenzie Describes Horse and Gun Trade on the Northern Plains, 1805”
4: David Weber’s The Spanish Frontier in North America

The essay should contain a clear thesis (argument) in the first paragraph. Your thesis statement should address question 7 and/or question 8. Please avoid flowery introductions. In your essay, be sure to address each of the following questions. The first 5 questions below should take up about 1 to 1.5 pages.

1.    Who are the authors of each of the three documents?
2.    When was each document written and in what language was it written?
3.    What are the possible problems in translations and transcriptions that historians should consider when using these documents?
4.    Who is the intended audience for each document?
5.    What type of bias might each author introduce to each document?
6.    What is the larger historical context that is needed to understand the views and changes expressed in these documents?
7.    How might historians use these documents to explain the impact of European trade goods on Native American societies?
8.    How might historians use these documents to explain the power obtained by American Indian nations who obtained European goods?

Essays should be typed and double-spaced. Use a 12-point font (do not use cursive fonts). All margins should be one (1) inch. Indent each paragraph and do not leave any blank lines between paragraphs.

You do not need to use any outside readings ( to complete this assignment only the documents I provided.

Please refrain from quoting from the documents and any readings, instead, you should paraphrase the ideas found in these sources. Please use endnotes and follow the Chicago Manual of Style for citations. You do not need to include a “Works Cited” or “Bibliography” for this assignment

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