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Assignment Instructions

Review Questions: Answer the following questions in detail.

1. The question of data interpretation is not fully resolved in business today. Someone must still look at the data and decide what they really mean. Often this is done by the people in marketing research. Defend the proposition that persons in engineering, finance, and production should interpret all marketing research data when the survey results affect their operations. What are the arguments against this position?
2. Describe the potential problem of collinearity and multiple regression. How might a researcher test for collinearity? If collinearity is a problem, what should the researcher do?
3. What are the roles of the research report? Give examples.
4. Why should research reports contain executive summaries? What should be contained in an executive summary?

5. The Mozart effect refers to a boost of average performance on tests for elementary school students if the students listen to Mozart’s chamber music for a period of time immediately before the test. In order to attempt to test whether the Mozart effect actually exists, an elementary school teacher conducted an experiment by dividing her third-grade class of 15 students into three groups of 5. The first group was given an end-of-grade test without music; the second group listened to Mozart’s chamber music for 10 minutes; and the third groups listened to Mozart’s chamber music for 20 minutes before the test. The scores of the 15 students are given below:

  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3     80 79 73   63 73 82   74 74 79   71 77 82   70 81 84    

Using the ANOVA F-test at α=0.10α=0.10, is there sufficient evidence in the data to suggest that the Mozart effect exists? Would you accept or reject the hypotheses? You may use the ANOVA calculator or other means to solve, here’s the link to the calculator:

Deliverable length 3-5 body page in APA format with the incorporation and citation of reference material. Show your formulas. 

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