Fairfax financial holdings limited (ticker symbol: ffh) is a

Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited (Ticker Symbol:  FFH) is a Toronto-based financial services holding 

company whose CEO is PremWatsa.

You must provide references for your research.


Is FFH centralized or decentralized?  Provide evidence to support your answer.


Based on your answer to Question 1, is there a narrow or wide span of control at the holding 

company?  Explain why with evidence to support your answer.


Does FFH employ a functional, divisional, or matrix structure?  Explain your answer and provide 

evidence to support it.


How would you describe the culture at FFH?  

Hint:  This requires research.


Consider the four ways of maintaining/perpetuating organizational culture.  Identify one of these 

that you believe FFH uses and provide evidence to support your answer.

Your responses should be in formal sentence/paragraph structure with correct spelling and grammar.  

Point form responses are not acceptable.  Assignments are graded on quality, not length.

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