1. provide a demographic and psycho-graphic profile of the typical

1. Provide a demographic and psycho-graphic profile of the typical Starbucks customer. For demographics provide the following information based on your opinions and observations:
Age: What is the typical age of a Starbucks customer (10 year range)?
Education level:
Marital Status:
Income: Yearly income (10,000 range)
Family Size:

Psycho-graphic: What are the attitudes tastes and lifestyle of the typical Starbucks customer.

2. Now that you have an idea who the Starbucks target market is how would you reach them? What advertising media would you use?

3. What do you feel is the competitive advantage that Starbucks offers to this market segment?

Fun field trip idea; go to a Starbucks and look at the customers. Do they fit your conclusions about demographics?

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