Analyzing and recommending health care system reform options dp | BUS | Capella University

Write a 3-4 page paper in which you compare the current U.S. health care system with a health care system used in an OECD country that uses a different system from the United States.


As the United States strives to transform its health care system, it is valuable to study a variety of global health care systems and structures for a full understanding of available options. This assessment will require you to apply critical thinking skills to contrast and evaluate health care systems in another country in comparison with our own. Use what you have learned to recommend and defend potential approaches, ideas, and concepts to consider for U.S. health care reform efforts.


Prepare for this assessment activity by consulting the research resources provided with this assessment.

Use the Internet to conduct research to find current analyses of the U.S. health care system and health care systems in other countries, as well as information on global health. Use the following resources, as well as others, to conduct your research:

Conduct research on a health care system in an OECD country that differs from the United States. As you conduct your research:

  • Look for similarities and differences between the structures, approaches, or concepts used in the other system, and the structures, approaches, or concepts used in our own.
  • Pay attention to the political, economic, and consumer forces driving and impacting both systems.
  • Consider whether any of the structures, approaches, or concepts used in the other system might improve the U.S. system.

Explore the following U.S. Government resources related to global health as part of your research:

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