Assignment 2: personal best leadership experience


Whether you consider yourself a leader or not, by this point in your life you have had several leadership experiences. In this assignment, you will relate what you consider to be your personal best leadership experience.
To complete this assignment, follow these steps:

  1. Describe your personal best leadership experience. This can be an experience that happened recently or even several years ago. Perhaps it was in high school or just last semester. It could have happened on a sports team, in a social organization, at church, with your family or friends, or in a group project. In a few paragraphs, write out what happened. Be sure to describe the situation, including who was involved, what your role was, and the outcomes. 
  2. Describe how you and others felt during the encounter and any specific leadership actions you took. How did you get the people involved? What were you feeling (anxious, nervous, proud, excited)? What do you think the other people were feeling? What specific leadership actions did you take? How did you motivate others? 
  3. Reread what you wrote for the previous steps and identify three to five leadership lessons that you took away from the experience.
  4. Based on those leadership lessons, recommend one single piece of leadership advice you could give to someone else.

To successfully complete this assignment, view the Personal Best Leadership Experience Rubric document.

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