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Claude Monet. Water Lilies. 1914-1926 vs jeff Koons. Three Ball 50/50 Tank (Two Dr.
J. Silver Series, Wilson Supershot). 1985

 these are the two pieces of work

1. The title of the work and the artist. (Titles of artworks are capitalized and always italicized or in quotation marks.)


2. Describe what you see in the artworks that you can name.  If you see un-namable shapes or objects (abstract objects), describe their colors, line quality, texture, shadows, variety, etc. Your description should give someone who has not seen the work a mental image of the artwork. 

3. Which Essential Element or Principle of Art is most obvious to you in each work? (The LISTEN: Book has is the content area for understanding the Elements and Principles of Art.)

4. What are the mediums the artists use? (Painting, sculpture, installation, video, photography, ceramics etc.?)

5. According to the artist or expert talking, what is the meaning of the artwork?

6. Which element or principle of art do you see that the artist uses to help convey that interpretation?

7. Compare and contrast one element or principle in the artworks you chose – how are they similar and different?

8. Comment on at least two classmates posts. 

Step 3What changed in your understanding of each artwork after your observation and analysis?


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