I need a very simple power point presentation on phonic awarness

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing presentation and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Create a PowerPoint Presentation for your selected topic from assignment #1. This would be a PowerPoint that you would use if you were selected to present your research at a professional conference. Please use the following guidelines to complete your PowerPoint:

1) You are to use a plain white slide design.

2) The first slide will include: Name of the topic (In 36 Times New Roman Font: Presented by: Your Name (In 28 Times New Roman Font); and a Graphic that depicts the topic. The color of the font used must be dark, so it will show-up easily.

3) All slide headings should be typed in Times New Roman Font that is no smaller than 36 with all other information in 28 Times New Roman Font. If there is not enough room on the slide for all the information, then the next slide may be labeled: Continued (Placed in the top left-hand side of the slide). Typing should not go to the end of the left, right, top, or bottom of the slide. In other words, make sure there is a margin on all four sides of each slid

3) There must be graphics within the ppt. presentation that are appropriate depiction of the words on that slide. Graphics do not have to be on every slide, just the ones where it appears to need something more to complete the space.

4) There needs to be links to websites that pertain to your slide/topic.

5) There needs to be a You- Tube presentation within the Ppt. that relates to your topic that is different from your multi-media presentation (you do not have to be visible in this one, select a You-Tube video that addresses your topic and embed it into your Ppt. This Ppt. should look professional, as if it was created by a professional.

7) You must submit your PowerPoint to the me by the due time so that they can be placed within Module 8. Each of your classmates will have a chance within Module 8 to review your Presentation and provide you feedback within the Discussion that week.

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