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You are the owner of Software Solutions, a Halifax, NS. – based software consultancy.

Recently, at a major industry trade show in Detroit, you were introduced to a new accounting

software package, BCCuracy Plus. Quickly realizing its merits, you signed a deal with the

American manufacturer to become the exclusive sales agent for the software in Canada. Now

that you won the right to sell the software, you remember your old friend from college, Don

Tron. While reading the newspaper last year you found out that Don Tron has been promoted to

VP Operations for Wealth & Co, a national retail chain selling insurance and investments. Even

though you haven’t seen or spoken to Don in over ten years, you used to be good friends, and

you believe a persuasive sales letter about your new software will not go unanswered.

Write  persuasive sales letter to Don Tron, where you try to interest him in switching from his

current accounting software to BCCuracy Plus which you got the exclusive right to sell in Canada.

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