What are some specific design options for a safer airliner and


The essay should lies at the intersection of aerodynamics, instrumentation and controls, economics and market pressures, engineering ethics and corporate decisions, and regulatory policies and procedures. The essay should cover the following issues – woven smoothly into the narrative and specifically not in a direct question- answer format:

What were technical root causes of the underlying aerodynamic instability of the 737 MAX?

Which manufacturing-legacy, economic and market considerations precipitated the aerodynamically unstable configuration and faulty MCAS control system, as motivated by technical issues?

What lapses in engineering ethics, professional judgement and industrial regulation contributed to the two crashes of 737 MAX airliners – at individual, corporate and governmental levels?

What are some specific design options for a safer airliner and economic ramifications?

What steps would have led to a safer airliner and prevented the crashes? What changes in regulation and oversight are warranted?

As a starting point for your research, here are three links to further reading:

https://www.seattletimes.com/business/boeing-aerospace/faa-evaluates-a-potential-design-flaw-on- boeings-737-max-after-lion-air-crash/


https://www.forbes.com/sites/petercohan/2019/04/02/mit-expert-highlights-divergent-condition- caused-by-737-max-engine-placement/#60f007a240aa

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