A report by the ncaa states that 57.6% of football injuries occur

     A   report by the NCAA states that 57.6% of football injuries occur during   practices. A head trainer claims that this is too high for his conference, so   he randomly selects 42 injuries and finds that 20 occurred during practices.   Follow the steps below to conduct a hypothesis test to determine, at the 5%   significance level, if the percentage of football injuries received in   practices for the head trainer’s conference is less than 57.6%.    

      (a) List the null and alternative hypotheses   for this test.    (b) Determine the value of the sample’s test statistic.    (c) Determine the critical value(s).    (d) Determine the P-value.    (e) Write a final interpretive sentence tied to the context for the   hypothesis test results.    

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