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OVERVIEWAn annotated bibliography facilitates the gathering and assessing of materials for a topic to be studied. It is an evaluative and descriptive process that challenges you to refine your skills as a researcher and writer. The overall purpose of an annotated bibliography is to provide a foundation that informs and advances a research project at a graduate level. Specifically, an annotated bibliography will require you to: • Identify significant academic sources that relate to your research area of interests. • Provide a clear, concise review of often complex research. • Evaluate the sources to gain perspective and connections to your research. Your annotated bibliography is one document with many sources. Though it follows APA style guidelines, this is not a typical research paper. Sources must remain independently, alphabetically listed and reviewed.See a sample annotated bibliography entry in the Resources section. Please note that the annotated bibliography sample shown would take the place of the body section of a typical research paper, also shown. Cover page and abstract are required. Only follow samples for your level of study, in this case, graduate and doctoral programs.INSTRUCTIONSPicking up where the Annotated Bibliography: Sample Assignment left off:● Research a new media technology as outlined in class announcements and draft a currently formatted APA-style paper conforming to graduate and doctoral student rules. o Include a cover with a topical title to the paper, abstract, and annotated bibliography body. You do not need the normal references pages that you would find in a research paper because the annotated bibliography body includes the citations.▪Write an original abstract summarizing 15 peer-reviewed journal articles published within the last 5 years. The 15 articles include the five (5) you summarized in the sample annotated bibliography completed in an earlier module, plus 10 new articles.▪Write an original annotated bibliography body consisting of the afore mentioned 15 journal articles as the body section of your paper● Use the Jerry Falwell Library “Advanced Search” under “Search Anything,” and limit your search to “Journal Articles.”● Each citation should include a two-paragraph summary as outlined below. There is no page length requirement, though you should plan to include as much of the data in the paragraphs as is available for each source.● Format of Annotated Bibliography: Final Assignment is the current APA standard for graduate and doctoral students ● 15 total citations ● Acceptable sources include scholarly articles published within the last five years.

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