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13. Macromedia offers computer training seminars on a variety of topics. In the seminars each student works at a personal computer, practicing the particular activity that the instructor is presenting. Micromedia is currently planning a two-day seminar on the use of Microsoft Excel in statistical analysis. The projected fee for the seminar is $600 per student. The cost for the conference room, instructor compensation, lab assistants, and promotion is $9600. Micromedia rents computers for its seminars at a cost of $60 per computer per day.a. Develop a model for the total cost to put on the seminar. Let x represent the number of students who enroll in the seminar.b. Develop a model for the total profit if x students enroll in the seminar.c. Micromedia has forecasted an enrollment of 30 students for the seminar. How much profit will be earned if its forecast is accurate?d. Compute the breakeven point.16. Financial Analysts, Inc., is an investment firm that manages stock portfolios for a number of clients. A new client has requested that the firm handle an $800,000 portfolio. As an ini- tial investment strategy, the client would like to restrict the portfolio to a mix of the fol- lowing two stocks:StockOil Alaska Southwest PetroleumPrice/ Estimated Annual Share Return/Share$50 $6 $30 $4Letx ? number of shares of Oil Alaskay ? number of shares of Southwest PetroleumCase Problema. Develop the objective function, assuming that the client desires to maximize the total annual return.b. Show the mathematical expression for each of the following three constraints: (1) Total investment funds available are $800,000.(2) Maximum Oil Alaska investment is $500,000.(3) Maximum Southwest Petroleum investment is $450,000.

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