Civil Engineering Question

I just need a good reply for this Discussion comment. It is always important to keep a daily activity log. The notes on the daily log leading to the incident is important. Narrative of the work, equipment that were being used prior to the incident and the manpower. In addition, pre-construction photos, videos and progress photos are also extremely helpful during the construction. Once the incident happens, the incident report needs to be done. Contractor needs to contract the engineer of the record or the architect for request for information which will lead to change order for unforeseen or changed conditions in this situation. The contractor must receive a written authorization, Work Change Directive, to move forward with the project. Although the formal change order will be approved for some time afterward, however, the contractor must receive the written authorization to move forward with the work. The change order must be numbered, description of change order has to be included, the reason for the change order has to be included, also change in unit price, change in the contract time, and change in price have to be included in the change order document. In addition, drawings related to the change order must be included. For this unforeseen condition the contractor will be compensated as time and materials (T & M) or forced account. The contractor must submit any equipment and labor force that will be used for this incident. The hourly rate for labor force will be obtain through the certified payroll and equipment rates will be obtain through the “Blue Book

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