geography and weather

SEE FIRST PICTURE in attachment

SEE FIRST PICTURE in attachment

SEE FIRST PICTURE in attachment

SEE FIRST PICTURE in attachment

Part 1: What is Doppler Radar and how does it work?

Go to on “how radar works” in the upper right corner

  • What exactly is Doppler shift?How does the Doppler effect work on a train whistle as it rolls towards and then away from you?How does dual polarization help with identifying tornadoes?
  • Click in the upper right corner: “Reflectivity.”How does base reflectivity differ from composite?Be sure to compare the two sample images centered along the Okla. and Texas line
  • Read carefully, the section on velocity by clicking “velocity” in the upper right corner.Scan the graphic depicting the wind-field southeast of Lake Michigan (Indianapolis radar).What is the direction of the wind-field?
  • Why is “storm relative motion” important?
  • Click on “precipitation” in the upper right corner. What two types of images of precipitation are portrayed using Doppler Radar?


Part 2: Birmingham, AL Doppler Radar:

Go to Understanding Radar – Weather Underground


Composite Reflectivity – 124 NMI range SEE FIRST PICTURE in attachment

6. Weather Underground’s Composite Reflectivity (echo intensity) figure merges the highest reflectivity from all scans. From this image, how would you explain the structure and intensity of this storm?(Use directions relative to Montgomery AL and Columbus GA)








Storm Total Surface Rainfall Accumulation – 124 NMI Range

SEE SECOND PICTURE in attachment

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