summarize the argument Juan Flores makes

In a fully formed essay, first briefly summarize (about one page is fine) the argument Juan Flores’s makes in his “The Structuring of Puerto Rican Identity” essay about the “four moments” immigrants/migrants to the city go through and the model he suggests as an alternative to the melting pot. You don’t need to do any analysis (your own commentary on the ideas) in this part; just accurately summarize the key points.

Next, apply Flores’s model to two different poems from Pietri’s Puerto Rican Obituary book. Your goal in this part of the paper is to show how Pietri’s characters either do or do not match Flores’s model for how immigrants adapt to city life. Use specific examples from the poems to support your arguments.

Finally, in one paragraph explain how Pietri describes what city life is like for the characters in the poems you chose from him in your conclusion.


  •  You should use the texts as you write and can quote from them, but it is fine to summarize action to make your points. You do not have to use extensive quotes.
  •  Do not quote large blocks of poetry/text (more than 4-5 lines): summarize instead and quote only the most important parts
  •  You are encouraged to use the ACE Center tutors: online appointments are available
  •  You should format all sources using the MLA citation format, including the poems you quote from. See instructions at the Purdue OWL site online and/or seek assistance fromthe ACE Center
  •  Your paper should include a final page titled Works Cited with all your sources (seedetails above) that carefully follows the MLA guidelines
  •  Outside sources are not needed for this assignment: use class notes and the assigned textsTo do well on this
  •  Read the assignment carefully and make sure you do what it asks
  •  Pay close attention to spelling, grammar, sentence and paragraph structure: they counttoward your grade
  •  Be sure to use specific examples from texts to support your points
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