writing question 300words

Examine the question inside the discussion board and provide a response based on the readings and resources. You are encouraged to take a position on the issue and to support it with deductive reasoning, logic along and references to the textbook.

  • Length: 300 words minimum
  • Requirements: Use the text as a resource (e.g. Wood, 2016, p 4) and also cite at the bottom of your post using APA style.
  • Option 1: Visit a public space and observe two people interacting for at least 10 minutes. These must be people you DO NOT KNOW. You will need to be able to observe their body language, so if they are seated and you can’t see more than half of their bodies, then find a new set of people to observe. Please do not record or invade someone’s privacy — just be a fly on the wall so to speak. If this works for you, go to the guidelines below, if not, keep reading: I know this may not be a valid option for many of you due to the current shelter in place order – See option 2).
  • Option 2: Pick a show or a movie that you have never seen before (on TV, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video….). Select a dialog between two or more people. Turn the volume off. Watch the interaction between them. When a scene involving other people begins, you may stop watching. Make sure the scene you pick from the movie or show is long enough for you to observe with some depth.
  • Guidelines: I recommend taking notes while you’re observing so you can post a thorough response. Body language includes many, many things, such as facial expressions, eye contact, arm and hand gestures, posture, leg movements, personal space, positioning, physical appearance, artifacts (e.g., jewelry, purse, etc.), touch, smell (e.g., body odor, perfume, etc.), and silence. Please use the appropriate terminology (proxemics, kinesics, haptics, synchronicity, artifacts, chronemics, etc.). After you observe the conversation between these two people, answer the following question: What is the nature of the relationship between these two people? What examples can you cite to demonstrate how you reached that conclusion?Your answer can address such things as how long you think they’ve known each other; whether they are boss and subordinate, friends, or in a romantic relationship; whether they are getting along or annoyed at each other; if they are enjoying their time together; having a serious conversation; etc. Essentially, tell me as much as you can about what you’ve surmised about their relationship based solely on watching them. Use textbook references and cite to strengthen your position.
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