Analyze how victimization data informs problem solving in criminal justice

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You are a crime analyst who has been hired by Pete Costa, the police commissioner in the city of Mason, to analyze an area of crime and victimization data. For this task, you will use the following sources of data: Bureau of Justice Statistics, the Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center, and the Polaris Project (which runs the National Human Trafficking Hotline). You will examine the data on rape/sexual assault, cybercrime, or human trafficking for the most recent year available. You will then present to the police commissioner a clear and sustainable plan to help reduce the risk of victimization. The plan will include the data examined, an explanation of how the data was collected, risk factors that increase the likelihood of being a victim of crime analyzed in the data, how victimization data can be applied to address problems in the criminal justice system, and identification of a National Institute of Justice program that can address the crime data analyzed.


Using the provided scenario and the data for Cybercrimes below (the same crime you chose in the Module Four assignment), create a written plan to reduce the risk of victimization for the crime selected

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