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All instructions are provided in the document “Pre-exam information – Open-book Online Take Home Exam T2 2021”. The exam questions are in the document “T2 2021 MMK251_Exam Paper”. Please write the answers in the document “T2 2021 MMK251 SERVICES MARKETING EXAM ANSWERSHEET”. Additionally, I have also attached all necessary content from the subject including theory in Powerpoints and PDFs. For the answers please use your own words but base it on the content in the weekly content from the Powerpoint and PDF files. The exam comprises [FIVE] questions. You will initially be presented with a case study. The case study is compulsory, i.e., all students must complete the case study. Next, you will be presented with FOUR (4) ‘long-answer’ questions and you are required to answer ANY THREE (3) of these. In total, you will respond to FOUR questions. Each question may have multiple parts. You must complete all parts of all questions. There is a maximum word limit for your exam response of 2,000 words—any words beyond that will not be marked. There is no 10% leeway on word count. Type your responses directly on the provided answer sheet document. Be careful to respond explicitly to the questions asked. Do not copy large amounts of information from study guides, textbooks, journals, or online sources as this is unlikely to address the questions. If you use direct quotations from external sources, ensure you cite them correctly and put them in quotation marks. It is important you respond to the questions using your own words as your submitted exam response will be checked by electronic or other means for the purposes of detecting collusion and/or plagiarism. There are no obligations in the structure of the responses. Feel free to organise your responses in the way you believe the most effective and efficient (such as using your own drawings, tables, diagrams, figures etc. within your text) for you to show your knowledge of the topics being asked. Where dot-points are necessary (such as to show a list of things), use them.
As this is an exam, it is not expected that you will use external references in your response. However, if you do use external sources you need to cite them according to Harvard referencing conventions. The Open-book Online Exam could assess all topics covered in the unit, with the exception of: Marketing in the service economy, Positioning services in competitive markets, Distributing services through physical and electronic channels, Understanding costs and developing pricing strategy, Integrated services marketing communication, Crafting the service environment, Customer satisfaction and service quality, and Managing relationships and building loyalty. This Open-book Take Home Online Exam contains problem-based and application based, not research, questions. You can base your answers on the unit resources. You will not be expected to access other resources. Please let me know if you have any questions, thank you so much for your help. 🙂

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