School to Prison Pipeline: Mental health Intervention and Adolescent Delinquency in Older Adolescents 16-19 years old


This is the topic you may use the following sources:

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Paper topic below:

School to Prison Pipeline: 

Mental health Intervention and Adolescent Delinquency

Older adolescents 16-19 years of age.







Please include the following to the bottom of the paper.

Reciprocal Impact Definition:  

How does the program you propose impact the child and their environment(s) e.g., a reading program might produce a change in peer relationships, or interactions with parents, or it may improve the students’ grades, or improve their language skills impacting not only school relations but those they come in contact with in the community.

The idea here is to reflect on the implications of what you propose to do and the potential impact it could have on the child and the system(s) in which they live



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