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Each student will independently research and deliver a brain-based topic of which they became an expert this semester, a.k.a. their “Deep Dive.” Expert presentations will include a literature review, a PowerPoint (PPT), and a Handout for your audience.The literature review will include (at minimum) the following 9 sources: three primary source articles your Deep Dive book, your four course texts (predisposed to intelligent life, neurons, neurotransmitters, synpases,learning memory, emotions and cognitive processing), and one website. The literature review will be -10 pages, but you may extend to 20 pages if you wish. NB: This is short for a literature review but great beginner’s practice for what you’ll do for your dissertation. Synthesis and organization are key…Point Distribution is as follows: Literature Review (15 points), PPT (5 points), Handout (5 points).The purpose of this Deep Dive is to put together and practice an expert “package” that you could deliver someday to your grade-level team, My Brain-Related topic is “How does Learning Change the Brain’s Structure”. I chose this topic because I would love to understand what happens to the brain during learning, the benefits of new learning skills, why education is essential, and how it strengthens and structures the brain.2b) Deep Dive Book is “Brain Structure, Learning and Memory.” Brain Structure, Learning, And Memory – 1st Edition – Joel Lance Davi ( I also have 3 booaqwks that will be emailed

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